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Ensuring Your Financial Security

Now is the time for you to enjoy the benefits of real estate investing. It is one of the best investments you can make for short and long term wealth. Enjoy my video to learn more

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A Message From Great Homes Investment Group


Have you considered LOW RISK, HANDS FREE investments with a GREAT RETURN?

Just like the stock market when conditions are right to invest, now is the time to invest in Real Estate. Rental properties are in greater demand than ever! At Great Homes we find profitable investment prospects and offer you a turnkey investment opportunity!

This is a terrific way to increase your wealth with one of the strongest investments out there and you own the property 100%.

Here’s what I hear from new investors about owning rental property:

#1 Concern: I need a big down payment. No. Cash is king - but if you want to finance, there are great financing options with no or low down payment. Some are based on property income and may not even require income or asset verification. 

#2 Concern: I’ll get a call in the middle of the night that a water pipe broke! To be honest, as a landlord myself, I’ve never had that kind of call, but that’s taken care of. You don’t do any work on the property, make any calls, or even meet the tenants.

#3 Concern: How do I find good tenants? I work with reputable management companies that find tenants, do thorough background checks, and even evict and replace tenants if that becomes necessary.

#4 Concern: I don’t want to collect rent every month. We’ve got you covered. The professional property managers take care of collecting rent, paying bills, and making sure you are paid every month. How nice to see an extra deposit in your account each month and you didn’t have to do a thing.

This program is designed to work for you and doesn’t require work from you. Whether cash flow is a must or building equity is more important, real estate can deliver hundreds of thousands of dollars over time. Like putting money in a bank account with a MUCH better return while building massive amounts of equity.

If you’re a seasoned investor you know that in addition to cash flow and building equity, you also enjoy the tax benefit of asset depreciation. One or two properties can eventually put your kids through college, buy that vacation home on the water, leave a legacy for your family, or create a nice retirement and give you greater peace of mind.

While the benefits to you are tremendous, you also provide a nice home for a family and that helps the whole community.


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