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Specializing in homes and horse farms in Central Virginia.

After a great career in hospital management, public relations and marketing in large hospital systems in Houston and Atlanta, I moved to Virginia to care for my parents and their horse farm.

Even though I have moved into and out of homes for myself packing up and moving my parents away from their 30 acre farm after 40 years gave me greater insight into the challenges and impact of moving loved ones. It also helped me connect with experienced and reliable vendors for nearly every aspect of transitioning from one home to another and are still important resources for me today.


I came to know and love central Virginia and since I enjoyed buying and selling my own real estate investment properties I decided to become a real estate broker here. I inherited my dad's horses that I love and I help educate other agents and often my own clients about what features are important when evaluating farm properties.

After buying, renovating, and selling investment properties, building my own home, working with builders as an agent, and growing up on a horse farm, I can share my knowledge of different kinds of properties and things that are important and unique about each. 

With recent changes in the housing market that has resulted in such low inventory of homes for sale, I work with a team to find homes for sale but not yet listed in MLS. I've put my target marketing, geo-marketing and data evaluation experience to work and help frustrated home buyers find their next new home. 

The real estate market is constantly changing with new regulations, financing changes, building requirements, legal limitations and county code updates. That is all part of what makes it such an interesting industry. It is quite a great adventure to be part of this important life change for clients and friends. I look forward to helping you with your next real estate adventure.

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To offer a much better level of service, knowledge and resources to educate and provide service to clients and customers. 

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To become your point of reference for everything real estate.

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